Drop Event start in: in Lorencia
administrator Ezra
Skype: ezra_mu YM: ezramod E-mail: ezramod@yahoo.com
Status: online useronline user
Experience: 50x
Version: Season 8
Type: PVP
2 Sub-Server: 50x - PVP
Type: PVP
2 Sub-Server: 50x - NON-PVP
Sub-Server: VIP: 100x - PVP
Type: PVP

HeIIBoy - 3 WIN
naka - 2 WIN
Shaghyyy - 2 WIN
Sega - 1 WIN
DeVeDL - 1 WIN

Next Event

Event Day Hour Minutes Maps
Extra Exp. Rate Every Day 7 0 All Maps
Dungeon Race Every Day 8 0 All Maps
Drop Event Every Day 8 10 Noria
Gambling Event Every Day 9 0 All Maps
Scramble words (Trivia) Every Day 9 0 All Maps

Last Lucky Coin Reward

Buy VIP Days Info

How to buy VIP days in EzraMu Games ?

Write in game chat this command:
  • /buyvip 15
  • Update your account with 15 Days VIP - PRICE 900 Cash Point
  • /buyvip 30
  • Update your account with 30 Days VIP - PRICE 1800 Cash Point
Any player can acces this command in any time, after acces command account is updated with +15 days , for /buyvip 15, and +30 days, for /buyvip30 commands

VIP Info


  • VIP Experience Rate: 100x
  • VIP Drop Rate: 60%
  • VIP Amount Of Zen Drops: 50%
  • VIP Chaos Machine Success Rate: +10%
  • VIP Ancient Drop Rate: +5%
  • Vip Allow NoPK in any server: invoke command: /vipnopk
    - this command will let vip players not to be pked and they cant pk too, use it again to allow pking

News and Info

Trivia = 2 Cash Point / Correct Answer Dungeon = 50 Cash point for winner PVP Last Stand map = 200 Cash point for winner Bring to me = 5 Cash...
Hello, Find and Kill in Lorencia Map Fire Flame Ghost Umbrella and get : Elite Hp Potion, Elite Mana Potion, Elite SD Potion, Talisman of Chaos...
Here is a guide on how you can upgrade your 1 Socket Slot Item. Requirements: ~ Item with Socket Support - List Here:...

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