administrator Ezra
Skype: ezra_mu YM: ezramod E-mail: ezramod@yahoo.com
Status: online useronline useronline useronline user
Experience: 50x
Version: Season 6 Ep. 3
Type: PVP
Sub-Server: 50x - PVP
Type: PVP
Sub-Server: VIP: 100x - PVP
Type: PVP
Sub-Server: (Swamp, Crywolf, Valley of Loren, Land of Trials)
Type: PVP
Saturday April 19, 2014
Saturday April 19, 2014
Friday April 18, 2014

News & Info

Disconnect issue
April 12, 2014
Server down :(
April 11, 2014
S6 back or no
April 05, 2014
Remember In weekend EXP is +50x, in Blood Castle EXP is +150x, Devil Square is +150x
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