Drop Event start in: in Lorencia
administrator Ezra
Skype: ezra_mu YM: ezramod E-mail: ezramod@yahoo.com
Status: online useronline user
Experience: 50x
Version: Season 8
Type: PVP
2 Sub-Server: 50x - PVP
Type: PVP
2 Sub-Server: 50x - NON-PVP
Sub-Server: VIP: 100x - PVP
Type: PVP
Saturday July 19, 2014

naka - 2 WIN
Shaghyyy - 2 WIN
Sega - 1 WIN
DeVeDL - 1 WIN
Charming - 1 WIN

Next Event

Event Day Hour Minutes Maps
Last Stand Map Every Day 11 15 All Maps
Dungeon Race Every Day 12 0 All Maps
Marry Every Day 12 39 All Maps
Hunt and Kill Kundun Monster Monday 13 0 Dungeon
Hunt and Kill Kundun Monster Sunday 13 0 Lorencia

Last Lucky Coin Reward

Buy VIP Days Info

How to buy VIP days in EzraMu Games ?

Write in game chat this command:
  • /buyvip 15
  • Update your account with 15 Days VIP - PRICE 900 Cash Point
  • /buyvip 30
  • Update your account with 30 Days VIP - PRICE 1800 Cash Point
Any player can acces this command in any time, after acces command account is updated with +15 days , for /buyvip 15, and +30 days, for /buyvip30 commands

VIP Info


  • VIP Experience Rate: 100x
  • VIP Drop Rate: 60%
  • VIP Amount Of Zen Drops: 50%
  • VIP Chaos Machine Success Rate: +10%
  • VIP Ancient Drop Rate: +5%
  • Vip Allow NoPK in any server: invoke command: /vipnopk
    - this command will let vip players not to be pked and they cant pk too, use it again to allow pking

News and Info

Hello, Find and Kill in Lorencia Map Fire Flame Ghost Umbrella and get : Elite Hp Potion, Elite Mana Potion, Elite SD Potion, Talisman of Chaos...
Here is a guide on how you can upgrade your 1 Socket Slot Item. Requirements: ~ Item with Socket Support - List Here:...
We Prepare new Server with Fresh DB - SOON

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